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Image by Briona Baker

Mimosa Bar

Introducing our Exquisite Mimosa Bar 🍾

Elevate your celebration with our indulgent Mimosa bar, a captivating blend of sparkling champagne and luscious fresh orange juice. Perfect for weddings, bridal showers, brunches, and special occasions, our Mimosa bar promises a delightful and bubbly experience for all your guests.

Mimosa Bar
Mimosa Bar Fruits and Juices

​Make your bridal preparation truly unforgettable with our exclusive Mimosa Bar!

We can do Prosecco (sparkling wine) with orange juice and 2 other juices (like peach, passionfruit, cranberry, pineapple) and little bowls of cut fruit. It's so nice and calming to have something delicious to sip on while you are getting ready.

Mimosa Bar.jpeg


3-6 People

2 types of juice (could be more for bigger group) 
2 bowls of cut fruit
Prosecco (champagne as an upgrade) 
1 stand sign
Champagne glasses
Champagne holder
Price: $198

Bar Options

Looking to design your dream wedding bar?

Let's craft the perfect bar for you to celebrate and make unforgettable memories. Share your vision, and we'll make it a reality!

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