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Are you getting married? Ask yourself these 17 questions!

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

  1. Do you have a wedding coordinator?

  2. Do you have a day of timeline?

  3. Who's going make sure your dress gets alterations on time?

  4. Who’s going to set up your decorations?

  5. Who’s going to pin the flowers?

  6. Who’s going to coordinate the ceremony?

  7. Who's going to coordinate your transportation?

  8. Who's going to coordinate your entertainment?

  9. Who's going to help coordinate pictures with your photographer?

  10. Who's going to make sure all the vendors are on time?

  11. Who is lighting your candles?

  12. Who is making sure the guest book is being signed?

  13. Who is passing out programs?

  14. Who is going to fluff your dress before you walk down the aisle?

  15. Who is confirming all vendors have shown up?

  16. Who is moving any decorations from ceremony to reception?

  17. Who is packing and cleaning up at the end?

If you do not have an answer for these questions my day of package includes all of this and some!

It is my passion to make sure your wedding day is stress free! Your family and bridal party want to enjoy your day too!

Contact me today!

Warmly, Lacy

Mountain Weddings and Elopements near Asheville NC

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