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Plan B for Elopements and Weddings

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Elizabeth Stupke


No wind, nor rain, nor fog could stop us from celebrating your big day!

Backup Event Area

The cabin can be used as a backup event area in case of heavy rain or other inclement weather like strong winds or fog. The gazebos or tents included in our elopement and micro wedding packages provide protection from sun, light wind and light rain however they are not suited to withstand high winds or heavy rainstorms.

When you reserve the cabin as a backup event space, we redesign the layout of the cabin and add lovely decorations, string lights, and candles to give the cabin a cozy and romantic vibe for your beautiful ceremony.

We suggest reserving the space in advance to ensure availability and avoid last-minute complications. Having a Plan B in place ensures that your big day will go smoothly, regardless of what the weather may bring.


Plan B event area is an additional $500 if reserved in advance or $1100 last minute. Elopements & Micro-weddings only.

Embracing the Beauty of Rain, Fog, and Clouds

At Cabin Heaven, we understand that many couples dream of a sun-soaked wedding day. However, Mother Nature can have her own plans, sometimes delivering rain, fog, or cloudy skies. While it may not be what you initially envisioned, there is a unique and enchanting charm to these atmospheric conditions that can turn your wedding into something truly magical.


Ceremony Inside + Pictures Outside

Romance in Raindrops

Rain can bring an unexpected sense of romance to your day. Imagine saying your vows under a delicate drizzle, with raindrops glistening like diamonds in the air. These moments create an intimate and cozy atmosphere, as you and your loved ones huddle together under a canopy or by our warm, crackling fireplace.

March 2023
@elizabethjoannaphotography Elizabeth Stupke

Ceremony Outside + Cake & Toast in the Cabin

March 2023
@elizabethjoannaphotography Elizabeth Stupke