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Wedding Guide

📸  @elizabethjoannaphotography
Elizabeth Stupke


The Journey Unveiled: Your Wedding Day Through Captivating Photos and Videos

Imagine stepping into a magical journey that takes you through every stage of a dream wedding. 💍✨
We've captured it all in a captivating collection of pictures and videos.

Getting Ready in the cabin

August 2018
📸  @stratmanimagery Lauren Stratman

Getting Ready in the Boho Bus

Wedding Bus

At Cabin Heaven you can choose the perfect area for your event!

The Knoll Event Area 

Rolling meadows, open space, 2 gazebos, electricity hookup,
great for all types of events. August 2018
 📸  @stratmanimagery

The Overlook Event Area 

 Higher elevation, more intimate and secluded eco-space,
mountains views tucked in trees, great for smaller events. October 2022
📸 by 
Allison W.