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Wedding Planner & Day-of Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Coaching

Lacy would be happy to assist you in designing and
booking the important infrastructure to make your
mountaintop wedding planning easy and stressfree:
Lacy can also offer money-saving tips and expert advice
so you are spending your money where it matters most!

Wedding Coaching


The officiant is an add-on to your package because we want to give you the opportunity to choose an officiant who is aligned with your beliefs.


I don't hide the fact that I'm a Christ follower. I strive to love others well. Drop 🎤😂
I understand how to hold a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony. I am experienced in the legal requirements of a ceremony and can walk you through the entire marriage paperwork process. I always come happy and ready to help my couples have the best possible day ever!


Hi, I'm Reverend Dupree. I am an INFJ, an Aquarius, a storyteller, a yogi, a late blooming queer, an admissibly talented violinist and an SBNR reverend. I'm a sucker for travel, the outdoors, a good day planner, pizza, books, bad memes, very small goats and meaningful conversations with kindred spirits.


I have always believed that part of my purpose in this life is to serve others.  Along my journey I have served as a life coach, a mentor, a reiki practitioner, and even as a gay and lesbian matchmaker! It is my greatest wish that those collective experiences, along with my dedication to the idea that love is the most precious gift we can give, comes through in every ceremony I write.