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Bar Options

A lot of couples prefer to have us to the buying, set up, maintenance and break down of the beverages and bar. If that sounds like it would be helpful, let us know and we can put together an estimate for you. We makes quotes based on what kind of beverages and drink they would like, and how many people you estimate will be drinking at your wedding. Send us your details!


Bar is a big money saver with Cabin Heaven!

Bar is a big area where couples can unknowingly end up spending way more than they anticipated because of requirements from the wedding venue, hiring bartenders, etc. At Cabin Heaven, we allow you to do a self serve wine/beer/champagne bar, and we don’t have minimum required amounts or specific items that you have to buy. We believe you should be able to customize your bar and what you spend on, and we’re here to make it easy for you! 



Typically want more than water or tea. Sodas or punch. 

Light drinkers

Wine or a light cocktail

Heavy drinkers

Beer, Wine, signature cocktail, gin. 


Water. Bottled water avoids dropping cups on dance floor.

Here's how we like to divide your guests:

Bar Details

How many people will be drinking?

What are the beverages you were thinking about?

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Bar details

25 guest wedding

For example, one of our couples had 25 guests. We worked with them to select the types of wine, beer and champagne they wanted, then handled the set up of tables, linens, tubs, and crates, ice, and drinks so that everything was beautiful and ready when they arrived. Based on their selection, the bar total was $1,000.

Mimosa Bar

Elevate your celebration with our indulgent Mimosa bar, a captivating blend of sparkling champagne and luscious fresh orange juice. Perfect for weddings, bridal showers, brunches, and special occasions, our Mimosa bar promises a delightful and bubbly experience for all your guests.

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